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CONTENTS №3 2021


Khugaev I.S. The experience of the popular anthology of Ossetian short prose: Arsen Kotsoyev. «Fifteen years»



Chshiev V.T. «Upper Rutkha» / «Kumbulta» – funerary monument of the Koban archaeological culture in the Digor gorge of the Central Caucasus. New data on the burial rite
Abstract. The article examines archaeological materials, burial rite, burial structures of the Verkhnerutkhinsky / Kumbulta necropolis of the Koban archaeological culture, located in the mountainous part of the Irafsky district of the RNO - Alania, provides new data on the elements of the funeral rite of the population that left this monument.
Keywords: The Bronze Age - Early Iron Age of the Caucasus, Koban archaeological culture, Verkhnerutkhinsky / Kumbulta and Adaydon necropolises, new data on the funeral rite


Chochiev G.V. Archaeological evidence of the relationship of the Cimmerians with the Phrygian and Lydian kingdoms in the 7th century B.C
Abstract. The article attempts to review the results of excavation work of recent decades related to the activity of the Cimmerians in central and western Asia Minor. Despite the fact that recent studies cast doubt on some reports of ancient authors about the role of the Cimmerians in the military and political processes in the region in the 7th century B.C., particularly the fact of the capture and destruction of Gordion by them, artifacts found to date in the Phrygian and Lydian centers in combination with traces of intensive fortification construction indicate the critical importance of the nomadic factor and the seriousness of the threat it created for local civilizations during the period under review.
Keywords: Asia Minor, Phrygia, Lydia, the Cimmerians, archaeological evidence

Tskhovrebova M.V. On the question of the ethnicity of Partholón and the origin of his name
Abstract. This work is a commentary on the article «Partholón» in the «Etymological Dictionary of Celtic Theonyms» by V. P. Kalygin, in which an outstanding Soviet celtologist examines the mythological image of Partholón and identifies the problem of Partholón associated with the ambiguity of ethnicity and the origin of the name of the hero of Irish and Welsh legends. The author of the commentary offers a solution to the Partholón problem based on a comparative analysis of sources on the ancient history of the British Isles and historical data on the Cimmerians and Scythians in the Anterior and Minor Asia in the VII–VI centuries BC. The article discusses the arguments in favor of the Cimmerian origin of Partholón and the first inhabitants of the British Isles, and for the first time a hypothesis is put forward about the Cimmerian origin of the name Partholón.
Keywords: V. P. Kalygin, Рartholón, Tuata De Danann, Irish and Welsh legends, the Cimmerians, the Scythians, Anterior and Minor Asia, Paphlagonia


Chibirov L.A. Music and dancing in the life of Narts
Abstract. The article examines the musical and choreographic culture of the Nart people. Its mythological origins are investigated, corresponding parallels with the Scythian and Alanic worlds are fixed. The article characterizes the musical instruments of the Narts and plots related to their invention, as well as the main dance traditions in Nart life and their compositional and symbolic meaning in the texts of the Nartiada.
Keywords: sledges, the Scythians, Alans, Ossetians, music, song, dance, fandyr, twelve-string harp, khisyn-fandyr, dala-fandyr, uadyndz, udavdz, myth, epic.

Salbiev T.K. Ritual basis of the ossetian traditional dance Chepena/ Kepena (the problem of authenticity)
Abstract. The article puts forward the reconstructs of the ritual basis of the Ossetian traditional dance Chepena / Kepena, its semantics, origin and areal connections are also described. Within the framework of the functional approach, it appears possible not only to identify the mythological, i.e. eschatological, plot underlying it, but also to correlate the leader of this dance with such a character of Ossetian religious and mythological system as Tutyr / Totur.
Keywords: Оssetians, choreography, authenticity, pragmatics, ritual, mythology.



Rubaeva E.M., Gobeti Z.B. Interaction of institutions of power and education in North Ossetia in the 1920s–1930s
Abstract. The article examines the problems of the formation of pedagogical education in North Ossetia in the first decades of Soviet power. The state policy in the field of education was carried out proceeding from the economic and ideological tasks of the new political regime. The politicization of public life, the fight against dissent, comprehensive ideological censorship, absolute control of the state: these and other phenomena of this period were characteristic of the sphere of higher education as well. The article, for the first time, on the basis of party documents, examines the issues of interaction between the authorities and education.
Keywords: Pedagogical education, structural and organizational transformations, the Terek Institute of Public Education, the fight against dissent, indigenousization, the Zinoviev-Trotskyist opposition.



Avetisova (Miskarova) R.G., Dokukin M.D., Ostapov O.V. Application of multi-temporal aerospace the assessment of avalanche activity and danger (Central Caucasus)
Abstract. Based on aerial photographs interpretation from 1957 to 1988 and satellite images interpretation from 2005 to 2020, data on avalanche phenomena in the regions of the Central Caucasus (basins of the Baksan, Cherek and Mamikhdon rivers) are presented. Avalanche facts were established as a result of comparing different-time aerospace images and their GIF animations on the features of shadows of the snowy areas from the irregularities of avalanche deposits, the presence of avalanche snow-patch in the spring-summer period, in nature and vegetation ranges, as well as on a unique space image at the time of avalanche.
Keywords: avalanche, avalanche activity, avalanche hazard, aerial photograph, decryption, space photograph, avalanche catchment, avalanche snow-patch.

Gavrilov S.V., Kharitonov A. L. Using the results of the deep geodynamic model of the Black Sea-Caucasian region for the search for promising oil and gas regions
Abstract. Для устойчивого развития нефтегазовой промышленности Кавказского региона необходимо использовать все имеющиеся геолого-геофизические данные, в том числе и данные глубинных геодинамических исследований. На основе данных о конвективном выносе тепла из мантийного клина к 2D аномалии теплового потока, наблюдаемой на территории Кавказа, произведена оценка угла наклона мантийного клина и скорости субдукции Черноморской литосферной микроплиты под литосферу Кавказского региона). Восходящие конвективные движения в мантии могут выносить мантийные известково-щелочные магмы (с содержащимися в них углеводородами) в приповерхностные слои осадочного чехла, и, следовательно, месторождения нефти и газа, должны быть приурочены к зонам, расположенным над конвективными вихрями.
Keywords: субдукция литосферы, конвективные вихри, тепловой поток, зоны месторождений нефти и газа.

Gazeev V.M., Gurbanov A.G., Gurbanova O.A. Industrial stones of the Northern Caucasus: gypsum, anhydrite, jet
Abstract. Based on the study of geological reports and publications, ornamental stones of the North Caucasus, sedimentary chemogenic and organogenic origin, have been identified. A brief geological description of the most typical occurrences and deposits of gypsum, anhydrite and jet is given. The time of formation, the color palette of these types of stones are considered. Territories and geological sections favorable for their search have been determined.
Keywords: Industrial stones, gypsum, anhydrite, jet.

Drobyshev V.N., Tebieva D.I., Khubaev Kh.M., Torchinov H.-M.Z. Degradation of glaciation of the Kazbek-Dzhimarai mountain cluster and individual glaciers in the river basins Urukh, Ardon, Fiagdon, Gizeldon and Genaldon (territory of North Ossetia-Alania)
Abstract. The work is aimed at studying the rate of degradation of glaciation in the Central Caucasus within Mountain Ossetia, covering the southeastern slopes of the Kazbek-Dzhimarai massif on the territory of Georgia. The main method was the comparative analysis of glacier areas displayed on state topographic maps M 1: 50,000, made on the basis of aerial photography in 1957 and interpreted glaciation areas on space images of GOOGL 2020 for the same territory. In the course of the work, mathematical techniques were applied, which allowed the assessment of the scale of degradation of the day surface area of individual ice-firn formations to be accompanied by an assessment of their volumes and average thicknesses. The results obtained for the territory of Mountain Ossetia are in good agreement with the results of similar work in other local areas, both in Russia and abroad, which indicates the globality of the spread of the decay of mountain glaciation caused by the warming of the planet's climate.
Keywords: Caucasus, glacier, Kazbek-Dzhimarai massif, homeomorphism, bijection, degradation of glaciation, climate.

Galazova Z.V., Sharopatovа A.V. Problems of implementation of the state policy in the field of environmental safety and organization of responsible production and consumption
Abstract. The status of a modern state is largely determined by the state and quality of the natural environment and its components, quantitative and qualitative indicators of its territory and natural resources, an effective "green" economy, which together demonstrate the state's implementation of the function of ensuring the rights to a favorable environment. For these purposes, the state is obliged to establish a state policy based on environmental principles; comply with high international standards for the development and implementation of green institutions, accompanied by effective implementation mechanisms.
Keywords: greening, environment, state policy



Kutateladze S.S. The past and the future



Tikhomirov V.M., Magril-Il'yaev G.G. Sergei Borisovich Stechkin (1920-1995)

Dzidzoev V. D. Formation of the large-scale personality (Kh.I. Ibragimov)



Dzidzoev V.D. Review of the collection of documents «The social policy of the Soviet state in the 1920s–1930s in the decisions of the party bodies of North Ossetia»
Review of printed publications of VSC


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