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Khugaev   I.S.  Pipe   case,   or   Vladikavkazsky   moloh

DOI 10.23671/VNC.2019.3.35994


Kazity (Kaziev) М.R. Shota Rustaveli, Soslan Tsarazon, Iuane Gabaraty: on the issue of the authorship of «Vephistqaosani» and «Alguziani». Рart 2

DOI 10.23671/VNC.2019.3.35995


Gostieva   L.K.   Foreign   translation   of   the   ossetian   nart   epos

Abstract. The article is devoted to foreign translations of the Ossetian Nart epic. Publications of translations are systematized by languages and given in chronological order. The author notes the most significant translations of the Ossetian epic tales on the Narts, which are the ones translated into French by J. Dumezil (1930, 1965) and into English by W. Мay (2016). DOI 10.23671/VNC.2019.3.35996


Chibirov   A.L.   The   alans:   in   addition   to   the   above   (on   A. Alemany’s   book   «Sources   on   the   alans:  a   critical   compilation»)

Abstract. The book "Sources on the Alans: a critical compilation" by a wellknown Catalonian scholar Augusti Alemany was published in 2003 and has become a significant phenomenon in the field of historical Alanian studies. A. Alemani's fundamental work opens new opportunities to develop research in the field of Alanian studies. The author compiled numerous written evidences on the Alans, that had come to us from the past centuries. Among other issues A. Alemani created a structure which enables to complement his work with sources on the Alans that, for whatever reason, were not included in the book. The author of the article provides a number of sources that complement significantly the structure which was suggested by A. Alemany. These sources are Johannes de Galonifontibus, NicephorusGregoras, F. Bruun, the Venetian chronicle of Martin da Canale and etc. The article calls upon historians that specialize in this particular field to join the effort to complement the structure created by A. Alemany with sources that were not included in his book. This is to be done in order to provide eventually researches with the opportunity to present the scientific community a full picture containing the whole spectrum of sources on the medieval Alans
DOI 10.23671/VNC.2019.3.35997

Dzidzoev    V.D.  National   self-determination   in   theory   and   practice

Abstract. The article deals with the complex problem of national self-determination of peoples. Contemporary international law, as it is known, recognizes two markedly different approaches to solving this problem. The first approach is related to the territorial integrity of States, which is recognized by international law and the UN Charter, and the second one is associated to the right of a nation on self-determination up to disintegration and emergence of a newly independent state. At the same time, the recognition of a newly formed State depends not on international law but on the influential States of the world. Classic examples in this regard are the Republic of Kosovo that was recognized by the United States, Great Britain and other countries from the one hand, and Abkhazia and South Ossetia, that were only recognized by the Russian Federation and a number of other States, from the other hand.
DOI 10.23671/VNC.2019.3.35998


Dzattiaty   R.G.   On   one   publication   in   «russian archeology»

Abstract. The article provides information about the «cyclopean masonry» “Zyldy mashyg” (“the Fortress of a circle”) in the headwaters of the Greater Liakhvi River of the Republic of South Ossetia, that is adjacent to the fortresses of the Iron Age in Transcaucasia
DOI 10.23671/VNC.2019.3.35999


Trushin   M.V.   The   emergence   of   smallpox   vaccination   in   Kazan: the   role   of   Kazan   University

Abstract. Smallpox was one of the most common infectious diseases in the Kazan province throughout the XIX century. Special decrees of the country’s leadership regulated the introduction of the method of smallpox vaccination. The medical faculty members of the Imperial Kazan University took an active part in this process in the Kazan province. Initially, vaccination was carried out within the walls of the Obstetric clinic, which traditionally dealt with children’s health. The article highlights the issues related to the organization of smallpox vaccination for children of university and city gimnasium teachers. The data on the interaction of the Kazan University and the Theological Academy on this issue are presented.
DOI 10.23671/VNC.2019.3.36002

Tsorieva   I.T.   Costa   Khetagurov’s   heritage   in   the   activities   of  the ossetian   historical   and   philological   society   as   an   experience   of the   formation   of   scientific   school  of   the   ossetian   studies

Abstract. The article analyzes the role of the Ossetian Historical and Philological Society in the emergence of the scientific school of the Ossetian studies and separation of Khetagurov studies into a special scientific direction. The initial stage of self-organization of the Society as a scientific center is being considered and the merit of the Society members in establishing scientific principles of seeking, preserving, study and popularization of Kosta Khetagurov’s creative heritage is being emerged
DOI 10.23671/VNC.2019.3.36000


Kurchavov   A.M.,   Tolmacheva   E.V.,   Yakushev   A.I.   Conditions   of formation   and   transport   of   melt   to   the   earth’s   surface   during   forming   of   granitoids   in   the   Сaucasian   Mineral   Waters

Abstract. CMWgranitoids are represented by syenite - granosyenite – alkaline granitic association. There are two stages in the formation of the melt that created them. Initially it was saturated with volatile, predominantly carbonic, and chlorine. This contributed to its rapid rise to the surface of the earth and delamination with the formation of banality. Primary ratios of Sr and Nd isotopes, abundant and diverse xenoliths, zircons containing more ancient nuclei, violations of the Ar and Sr isotopic equilibria indicate that the melt was the result of a deep transformation of a heterogeneous starting material, mainly of crustal origin. At the same time, the proximity of the Sr isotopic ratios in different types of granitoids, the proximity of the composition of differently colored stripes, the identity of the content and distribution pattern of REEs indicate a high degree of homogenesis of the melt. Its crystallization began with the separation of short-prismatic zircons, apatite, sphene, then pyroxenes at temperatures of 1280 ° C ± 10 ° C and pressures of more than 5 kbar. The residual melt was saturated with volatile and REE. Later, long-prismatic zircons, plagioclase, amphibole, biotite were formed at a temperature of 1010 - 9500 C and a pressure of 5 - 3 kbar. The interaction of the melt with the rocks of the Jurassic – Miocene evaparite strata when moving to the surface of the earth led to its enrichment by xenoliths of varying degrees of processing and borrowing from the host rocks F, B, S, Sr, Ba. The further rise of magma to the earth's surface was accompanied by an intense cataclase of released phenocrysts, an uneven distribution of fluid in the melt, which enriched individual bands or streams. In the less enriched (dark-colored) strips of fluid, the phenocrysts are more intense than in the enriched (light-colored) strips.The temperature of homogenization of RV in the sheets of plagioclase of dark-colored strips varies from 9000 С to 8500 С, and light-colored strips - within 880 - 8200 С. The main mass of strips of different colors consists of the same minerals (feldspars, pyroxene, amphibole, biotite, quartz, magnetite), but in the (light-colored) strips enriched with fluid, more plagioclase and quartz are found, with which they are lighter in color. In the fluid-depleted (darkcolored) strip, there are more dark-colored minerals, which gives it a darker color.
DOI 10.23671/VNC.2019.3.36003

Miskarоva   R.G.,   Dokukin   M.D.,   Kalov   R.Kh.,   Khatkutov   A.V. Investigation   of   avalanche   activity   on   the   basis   of   analysis   of   the   different   aerospace   information   (on   the   example   of   valley   Irik   river,  Central   Caucasus)

Abstract. The article considers avalanche activity in the Irik river valley. The results of the analysis of multi-temporal aerospace information from 1957 to 2017 and the route survey data are presented. In certain years of the 21st century on the facts of revealed forestland destruction, approximate dates of sporadic avalanches are determined. By the presence of remaining avalanche snowfields, avalanche catchments with high avalanche activity are determined.
DOI 10.23671/VNC.2019.3.36004

Tavasiyev   R.A.   Glaciers   and   near   glaciers   lakes   of   Gularidon   basin’s   river,   Central  Caucasus   mountains

Abstract. The article provides an update on the glaciers and periclacial lakes located in the Gularidon River basin (right tributary of the Karaugomdon River, left tributary of the Terek River) and on changes, that have occurred there over the last 52 years. The forecast of possible natural hazards processes, that might take place here, is provided.
DOI 10.23671/VNC.2019.3.36005

Gazaev   H.-M.M.,   Bozieva   J.H.,   Agoeva   E.A.   

Abstract. Monitoring the temperature of the surface layer of the atmosphere from 2011 to 2015 in Bezengi gorge
DOI 10.23671/VNC.2018.1.12019


Rakhno  K.Yu.  The  review  of  L.A.  Chibirov’s   book   «Ossetian   Nartiada:   mythological   sources   and   real   connections»


А   review   of   the   printed   publications   of   the   VSC

Mathematical   Forum


Likhnenko   S.V.,   Gagiev   В.V.   Donor   search   of   resistance   to   pathogens   and   pests   of   potatoes

Abstract. The data on the cancer resistance of the studied varieties are presented. Resistant varieties to the golden potato nematode have been identified. A field assessment of the resistance of varieties to late blight and viral diseases is given. The groups of varieties in terms of their early maturity and yield have been selected. It is recommended to use the studied variety collections in saturating crosses


Ivannikov I.A., Gogaev A.L., Gobeti Z.B.   The   review   of   V.D.  Dzidzoev’s  book   “Problems   and   prospects   of   the   sovereignty   of   young   states   (on   the   example   of   Abkhazia   and   South   Ossetia)»


Science   Festival   «NAUKA 0+»

The     review     of     the     printed     publications     of     VNC


Reply   to   a   letter   from   the   RAS   Commission   on   Combating   the   Falsifi   cation   of   Scientifi   c   Research