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Khugaev  I.S.  Experience  of  popular  chrestomathy  on  the  history  of  the  ossetian  russian-speaking  small  prose

Abstract. The “Reading Book” offered to the reader represents a cycle of popular essays on the development of Ossetian Russian language small prose with a chronological selection of the most vivid and symptomatic literary works and fragments of their time. The Chrestomathy gives a general idea of the factors of the literary process and the development of the Ossetian literature, of literary genres and forms, of artistic creation methods, of the relationship between the literature and the language, and it offers original interpretations of the texts that it includes


Chshiyev  V. T.   Little-known   cultural   heritage   objects   of   the   Mamison   Gorge

Abstract. The article will cover the issue of little-studied cultural, historical, archeological monuments of the Mamison Gorge of the North Ossetia-Alania. A road that runs through the Mamison gorge has been known since ancient times as a Transcaucasian turnpike and is nowadays called as the «Military Ossetian Road». It connects the Ciscaucasia with the southwestern Caucasus and Transcaucasia and is of strategic importance.


Chibirov   A.L.   M.I.   Rostovtsev:  The   «bourgeois»   archeology   in   the   reflection  of   the   soviet   reality

Abstract. The article focuses on the attitude towards M.I. Rostovtsev's personality in the Soviet Union, changing perceptions and the follow-up evaluation of the influence of the great Russian archeologist and antiquity researcher on the Russian science in the post-Soviet Russia. M.I. Rostovtsev had to emigrate from Russia after the Revolution of 1917 and subsequently settled in the USA. In Soviet Russia his scientific activity was heavily critisized in absentia, it was defined as «bourgeois», however during the «perestroika» years there was revaluation of his personality and works, and also a recognition of his significant role in the formation of the Russian science.

Dzidzoev   V. D.   Transition  to  the   NEP   and   problems   of   the peasantry   of   Southern   Russia

Abstract. The article is devoted to a difficult period in the history of our state – to the period of the new economic policy (NEP). During the NEP years, the Soviet state became noticeably stronger in economic terms, however in this period, state authorities allowed private ownership of the means of production on the ground, including the North Ossetia, and in the Mountain Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic as a whole. It certainly was not a return to capitalism, but a necessary measure for the Soviet state to recover from the deep economic crisis


Shavshukova S.Yu., Mikhailova N.N. The academician G.A. Tolstikov’s scientifi c school

Abstract. The review discusses the work on the ozonolysis of unsaturated hydrocarbons, the study of the conditions of transformations and the stereo-directed synthesis of products obtained in the result of ozonolysis, performed at the academician G.A. Tolstikov’s scientific school which was under the leadership of the corresponding member of the AS RB (Academy of Siences of the Republic of Bashkortostan) V.N. Odinokov. The history, development and capabilities of the ozonolysis method are shown.


Ishmukhambetov   R.V.   Between   the   rivers   Kuban,   Terek   and   Ural-  Yaik. (Polyetnic   Bukeyev   horde   of   the   XIX   century)

Abstract. The article is devoted to the history, ethnic traditions and serving status among the settled Turkic nomads in the interfluve of the Volga and Yayik-Ural rivers. It is primarily considered through the example of the so-called «NogaiKazakhs», a sub-ethnos which belonging to the western group of the Kazakhs, which has been little studied until the present day. The prehistory and issues of the formation of this special sub-ethnic group, the former social role and the current status of the former servicemen’s descendants, their present self-consciousness and the expected development prospects are considered


Murtazaliev   A.M.   Khetagurov   discourse   in   Gamzat   Tsadasa’s   literary   work:   the   peculiarities   of   artistic   creation

Abstract. As an object of the research, the article considers the work of the People’s poet of Dagestan Gamzat Tsadasa, in which the theme of other ethnic groups occupy a significant place. On the material of biographical information and the poet’s works, the process of formation and peculiar reflection of Khetagurov discourse in his poetic consciousness takes place


Batagova  T.E.   National   history   on   the   ossetian   opera   stage

Abstract. The article deals with the formation and development of the Ossetian musical theater. Operatic performances on historical subjects, representing the main body of national musical and theatrical works are characterized. The epic dramaturgy with obligatory inclusion of mass and ritual scenes, strong connection of musical language with folklore material began to be considered as the typological features of the national opera.


Galazova Z.V., Makiev S.A. On the subject of civil law

Abstract. The article discusses the current problems of determining the subject of civil law. The authors analyze the concept and features of corporate relations belonging to the subject of civil law


Gurbanov   A.G.,   Leksin   A.B.,   Gazeev V.M., Gurbanova O.A.,   Lolayev A.B.,   Oganesyan   A.Kh.,   Dzeboev   S.O.   Ecological   condition   of    the   Ardon   river   waters   and   assessment   of   the   impact   of   their polluting   effects   on   the   Terek   river   waters – the   fishery   object   of   the   first   category

Abstract. The new data published firstly of the calculated quantity (in kg/month) metals and metalloids issued on submountain plain by contaminated with wastes of the SLZC Ardon river waters. Based on a comparative analysis of the quantities of metals, take a wayed by waters of the Ardon river, identified another major source of the technogenic pollution of its waters in the plains of alluvial sediment deposition submitted. Environmental condition of the water in the Ardon river, and therefore in the higher-order river-Terek as a fisheries values reservoir deteriorated and 90 hectares of spawning and bottom areas for valuable breeds of fishes derived from its turnover (2001-2003). However, according to the data in 2015 year the conditions of the Ardon river waters deteriorating and will deteriorate continuously, which eventually may lead to an environmental disaster of the federal level. Analysis of all recent and previously published data showed that it is expedient to conduct research at the federal level testing (water and bottom sediments) in selected checkpoints: - in the mouths of the Terek river flows - Ardon, Fiagdon and Baksan rivers, which drain the numerous deposits of Sadon and Tyrnyauz ore fi elds with Unal, Fiagdon and Tyrnyauz tailings; - in the Terek river after the confluence of the lower order rivers - Ardón, Fiagdon and Baksan (Malka) and further down on its fl ow, until its confluence into the Caspian Sea. The selection of representative samples of silts and water in Terek river delta it is also useful, as when mixing of relatively cold fresh river water enriched with a number of metals with warm salty sea water with different pH and eH, may occur natural geochemical barrier, where more than 90 years the accumulation of deposition of number of metals and metalloids occurs. This process can lead to the formation of an integrated of sedimentary deposits. The results of the analysis of samples taken will confirm or deny our assumption.

Gazaev   Kh.-M.M.,   Bozieva   J. H.   Comparison   of   the   temperature   in   the   surface   layer   of   the   atmosphere   at   two   meteorological   points   in   Kabardino-Balkaria   State   Nature   Reserve

Abstract. The article compares the average temperature of the surface layer of the atmosphere at two meteorological stations: «Verkhnaya-Balkaria» and «Bezengi» located on the territory of the reserve at different altitudes above sea level - 1049 m and 1700 m. As a result of the data comparison collected for a three-year period (2011-2013), it was revealed that the difference between mean monthly temperatures of the surface layer of the atmosphere increases from year to year.

Dzodzikova   М.Е.,   Zgoeva   L.M.,   Turiev   A.V.,   Turieva   D.V.   Soil   chemistry   in   the   surrounding  area   of   the   village   Unal   in   North   Ossetia

Abstract. A chemical analysis of the soil has been carried out by the mass spectrometry method on the territory of the village Nizhniy Unal in North Ossetia. 50 chemical elements were identified, but the main emphasis of the paper was focused on the content of elements of the three major classes of hygiene hazard. It was found that in the group of hygiene hazard elements of the first class, the Lead content in the samples, on average, exceeds the maximum permissible concentration (MPC) by 3.3 times; Zinc by 6.8 times; Cadmium by 2.3 times; Arsenic 4 times; the mercury content was below the MPC by 4.1 times. It is obvious that there is exceedance of cobalt by 3.3 times, in the group of hygiene hazard elements of the second class. The concentration of copper, nickel, molybdenum and chromium was significantly lower than the MPC. The study indicates that the heavy metal content in the soil of the village Nizhniy Unal in some cases exceed the standard of the MPC.

Badov   A.D.   Geography   of   drug-related   crime   in   Russia:   new   trend

Abstract. The relationship between drug-related crime and overall level of criminality, spread of drug addiction and infectious diseases, including AIDS, hepatitis, etc., is revealed. The geographical factors of drug crime are determined; the dynamics of crimes in the sphere of illicit drug trafficking in Russia for the period of 1990-2015 is calculated; the main directions of drug trafficking and territorial differentiation of drug crime in the country are identified. It has been determined that one of the main factors of the sharp increase in drug-related crime in the country was the formation and emergence of the «Northern Route» of drug trafficking from Afghanistan. The presence of porous borders with Kazakhstan and Central Asian countries favoured the development of the «Northern Route». The «Northern Route» was originally oriented as a drug trafficking route through Russia to Europe, but it gradually became a drug trafficking route to Russia. Thus, Russia has become the most drug addicted country in the world. It has been established that the highest level of drug crimes is observed either in the regions that are situated on drug traffic routes, in the ones considered as drug suppliers, or in rich regions. It has been determined that the structure of drug consumption is gradually changing. A sustained trend has been identified from west to east: the level of drug crime is gradually increasing with the movement in this direction.


Likhnenko   S.V.,   Gagiev   В.V.   Donor   search   of   resistance   to   pathogens   and   pests   of   potatoes

Abstract. The data on the cancer resistance of the studied varieties are presented. Resistant varieties to the golden potato nematode have been identified. A field assessment of the resistance of varieties to late blight and viral diseases is given. The groups of varieties in terms of their early maturity and yield have been selected. It is recommended to use the studied variety collections in saturating crosses


Ivannikov  I.A.,   Gogaev   A.L.,   Gobeti   Z.B.  The  review  of   V.D. Dzidzoev’s   book   “Problems   and   prospects   of   the   sovereignty   of   young   states   (on   the   example   of   Abkhazia   and   South   Ossetia)»


Science   Festival   «NAUKA 0+»

The   review   of   the   printed   publications   of   VNC