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CONTENTS №1 2021


Abaev V.I. Linguistic modernism how to degumanize the science of language



Khugaev I.S. The experience of a popular reader Ossetian Russian-speaking small prose: Batyrbek Tuganov «Khanifa»



Chshiyev V.T. Zilga early Alan settlement: ancient megapolis on the Great Silk Road
DOI 10.46698/q4027-2909-9366-y
Abstract. The article looks into the early medieval monuments of the foothill part of the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania – the Zilga early Alan settlement and the Beslan catacomb burial ground left by its population.
Keywords: Zilga early Alan settlement, Beslan catacomb burial ground, cultural monuments of Ossetia-Alania of the early Middle Ages, Alans, Transcaucasian branches of the Great Silk Road.



Batagova T.E. Pages of the history of Ossetian art: National Opera Studio at the Moscow Conservatory
DOI 46698/h0049-6780-1624-z
Abstract. This article is devoted to one of the aspects of formation and development of the Ossetian national musical theater. The history of the creation and functioning of the Ossetian Opera Studio at the Moscow State Conservatory is revealed. The formation of national Opera studios was one of the components of the state strategy for the accelerated development of musical art in the national republics. Graduates of the Ossetian opera studio formed the basis of the Opera ensemble (1951), and then the Opera Сompany of the National Musical Theater (1958, 1972). The author paid special attention to the study of archival documents and press materials that reveal the features of the educational process and creative activities of students.
Keywords: history of Ossetian music, Opera Studio, Moscow Conservatory, Ossetian musical theater.



Kunavin B.V., Kharchenko Y.S. Gender features of russian speech
DOI 10.46698/r3502-9112-7620-u
Abstract. The article explores the manifestation of gender in Russian. The challenge is to describe the gender differences found in language structures. As a result, differences in female and male speech are established, due to biological, psychological and social factors, it is also determined that androcentrism in Russian is weaker than in other European languages, and Russian speech is characterized by greater femininity, which is manifested in the peculiarity of the functioning of the genus category, in contrast to the kind of collective and specific mythology.
Keywords: masculinity, femininism, gender linguistics, androcentrism, hyperonym, concept.



Tuallagov A.A. Alans and Islam
DOI 10.46698/t8608-6146-4157-d
Abstract. The article is devoted to some examples of interpretations of the finds of Islamic artifacts in Alanian burials. The materials of these burials testify to the adherence of their owners to the traditional Alanian beliefs. Therefore, the attempts of some authors to interpret them as a reflection of the acceptance of Islam by the Alans should be recognized as erroneous.
Keywords: archaeological data, Alans, Islam.

Kushkhov B.H. The Era of Interbellum: reasons for the passiveness of the UK foreign policy
DOI 10.46698/k7400-1328-2719-m
Abstract. The article is concerned with the specific features of the interbellum international relations, offering a comprehensive study of the topic through the analysis of the interior situation in the United Kingdom, (the state which had been considered as one of the champions of the international relations system of Versailles), and its impact on these exact specific features. The genesis of the Second World War is, by definition, an important topic in the field of international relations: being «multidimensionally» studied, it can present the understanding of global conflict’s origin, the knowledge about events and processes that cause them. The aim of this study is the establishment of direct connection between the interior social, economic and political agenda of the UK in that era and its concept of foreign policy that, to some definite extend, lead to the demolition of the international relations system of that time and gave birth to the aggression of nazi Germany in Europe. The memories and historical notes of the British interbellum political establishment and soviet diplomats, the materials extracted from military and foreign affairs archives of the UK and the USSR, comprehensive studies of Russian and American historians, sociologists and economists have been used as a scientific material for this research.
Keywords: interbellum, the United Kingdom, political populism, Europe, the Second World War, the system of Versailles, international relations

Dzidzoev V.D. Ancient and Medieval Authors about Georgian-Ossetian and Ossetian-Abkhazian Relations
DOI 10.46698/s3153-2955-2321-y
Abstract. The article considers ancient and medieval written sources, which reflect the relationship between the peoples of the Caucasus
Keywords: archaeological data, Alans, Islam



Gostieva L.K. B.A. Kaloev’s contribution to the development of ethnographic Сaucasian studies
DOI 10.46698/x8681-6840-1617-c
Abstract. The article considers the contribution of B.A. Kaloev in the development of ethnographic Caucasian studies. The works of the scientist on the ethnography of Chechens, Ingush, Balkars, Aguls, Lezgins and others are analyzed. The main direction of his scientific interests is revealed: the development of one of the spheres of the culture of life support of the peoples of the North Caucasus - the economy. Attention is focused on the importance of showing scientists the diversity of the economic sphere of everyday culture of the North Caucasian peoples and its changes in the twentieth century. The conclusion is made about the significant scientific contribution of B.A. Kaloev in the development of the ethnographic science of the Caucasus.
Keywords: B.A. Kaloev, ethnography, Caucasian studies, agriculture, cattle breeding, ethnocultural ties.



Gurbanov A.G., Gazeev V.M., Lexin A.B., Gurbanova O.A. Results of 40Ar/39Ar dating of subvolcanic body in the vent tunnel Kukurtly volcano
DOI 10.46698/d3198-5548-0204-t
Abstract. Elbrus is under study since 1852 year, however the questions about time of it origin and temporal stage of evolution, up to now are remains as a discussional.So far as development of a new method for dating of geological events, investigators of Elbrus using all more current status of methods and procedures.So, on the very early stages of investigation, time of volcano origin approximately assessed by geological data only, then -geologo-geomorphological method of relative geochronology became in very regular use and from last century - potassium-argon (K-Ar), argon-argonian(40Ar/39Ar), ionic (Io/234U) and radio-carbon(14C) methods of dating. Inobtainedbytheabove-mentionedmethodsofdating (figureofage) oncommon poles object very often there was an fundamental dissimilarities. As a result of 40Ar/39Ardating of biotite from tuff of the rhyolite composition of early period of calderian stage, it was proved, that during explosive eruption, lead to forming of these tuff and associated ignimbrites, the old disintegrated material of granite-metamorphic basement of Elbrus was encroach and which after aeral transportation became as a constituent part of tuff and ignimbrites. Consequently, all isotope age determination of this pyroclastic material (on biotite, pyroxene, plagioclase) do not take account of time origin of covered rocks, as they contain a very small debris of old granite-metamorphic basement and rock-building biotite, that natural, to distort of isotope age of pyroclastics in unknown scale. The tolerant plateau at scalariform heating sample № 542 - megacrystal of sanidine is uniquely testifies about absence of excess argon and argon-argon age (620.3±3.3Ka) obtained is accounts time of cooling down ofsanidinemegacrystal at the temperature of clousing of the system - 3000 C and testifies about absence of significant interruption in time between rock forming of early and late periods of calderian stage
Keywords: Elbrus volcano, 40Ar/39Ar dating, subvolcanic body of dacite composition in vent tunnel of Kukurtly volcano.

Drobyshev V.N., Khubaev Kh.M., Torchinov H-M. Z. Results of the study of the geodynamics of the Ossetian part of the Central Caucasus based on satellite geodesy and regional seismicity data
DOI 10.46698/m1703-2438-9395-v
Abstract. As a result of this work, information was obtained on the geodynamic behavior of the main tectonic blocks of the Earth’s crust (EC) within the boundaries of Mountainous Ossetia. Taking the information received as a primary one, within the framework of this work, several methodological techniques for its mathematical processing have been demonstrated. In particular, the methods of interpolation of discretely presented data made it possible to construct the velocity field of GPS points in a conventional coordinate system, a comparison with the field of distribution of seismic energy over the territory was made. Identified local deformation of the EC anomalies logically fit into the tectonic scheme of the region, established by independent geological and geophysical methods.
Keywords: geodynamics, satellite geodesy, Mountain Ossetia, GPS point, tectonics, lithospheric plates, Earth’s crust, Caucasus, earthquake

Tavasiyev R.A., Tebieva D.I. Natural monuments on the territory of the planned geopark «Kazbek-Jimarai»
DOI 10.46698/u4667-7585-7668-m
Abstract. When developing the concept of the Kazbek-Jimarai geopark, an inventory of unique natural monuments located on its territory was carried out. According to the documents, there were 26 natural monuments. The studies have revealed that two of them do not correspond to this status. Twelve new natural monuments have been identified. They were given geographical coordinates are given in the WGS-84 system.
Keywords: Central Caucasus, geopark, natural monuments, coordinates

Badov O.A. Main demographic indicators and their influence on the health state of the population of Russia
DOI 10.46698/n6607-3741-1056-z
Abstract. This article examines the territorial differentiation of the birth and death rates of the population of Russia in 2005-2018. Since the article is of a poly-scale nature, demographic elements are considered for the federal districts of Russia, its regions and, separately, for the regions of the North Caucasus Federal District. In order to be able to compare regions with different geographical and social indicators (area, population, etc.), relative indicators were used (the number of births and deaths per year per 1000 inhabitants). The result of the research was the identification of territorial differentiation of the main demographic indicators of the population of Russia for 2005-2018 and determining the characteristics of their impact on the health status of people and the structure of the health care system.
Keywords: fertility, mortality, natural growth, population, health, morbidity, territorial differentiation, health care.



Dzidzoev V.D. Talented scientist and reliable friend (to the 70th anniversary of the doctor of philological sciences, professor, deputy chairman KBSC RAS on scientific part of Makhti Zaytunovich Ulakov)



«Total dictation» in Vladikavkaz

III International team tournament of schoolchildren on mathematical modeling

The review of the printed journals of VSC