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CONTENTS №3 2021


Khugaev I.S. Kosta Khetagurov. PROPOSAL

DOI 10.46698/j7763-2579-0245-o



Chshiyev V.T. The Adaydon Necropolis is a monument of the Late Bronze- Early Iron Era in the Zaramag highlad basin of the Greater Caucasusus
DOI 10.46698/t9390-1742-4789-s
Abstract. The article considers the materials of the Adaydon necropolis of the Koban archaeological culture, located in the high-mountainous part of the RNO-A in the Zaramag intermountain basin. Features of the funeral rite of this monument, dating, inventory, planography.
Keywords: Bronze Age- early Iron Age of the Caucasus, Koban archaeological culture, Adaydon burial ground, funeral rite, dating, funeral inventory.



Gostieva L.K. From the history of ethnographic Ossetian studies: Saveliy (Gagudz) Karginov
DOI 10.46698/y8752-3647-0692-o
Abstract. The article highlights little-known milestones in his biography, the tragic fate and activities of S.G. Karginov in the field of ethnographic Ossetian studies. Informative ethnographic articles and essays published by the hero of the article in the periodicals of the Caucasus in the late 19th - early 20th centuries are analyzed. Considered his folklore materials, publicistic essays. The contribution made by S.G. Karginov in the study of the ethnography of the Ossetians.
Keywords: S.G. Karginov, ethnography, legal proceedings, memorial rites, folklore, journalism, emigration



Bezhanov A.V. Problems of qualification of the Georgian-Ossetian conflict in the context of the process of federalization of the Russian Republic of 1917-1922
DOI 10.46698/n7751-2531-1981-s
Abstract. Investigating the problems of the so-called Georgian-South Ossetian conflict, the author of the article revealed an incorrect qualification of the conflict caused by an erroneous historical interpretation of the international legal personality of the parties to the conflict.Based on the method of historical and legal analysis of documents and norms of national and international law, this article reveals the fact of the entry of united Ossetia into the RSFSR in 1921. Based on this fact, the article examines the legal personality of two sovereign states (the SSR of Georgia and the RSFSR) in the context of the legitimacy of their jurisdiction on the territory of Ossetia, for a political and legal analysis of the responsibility of each of them for violating the integrity of Ossetia and the ethnic sovereignty of the Ossetians. Due to the indivisible quality of the ethnic sovereignty of the Ossetians, it could be transferred by self – determination to only one federal state-the Russian Federation. Due to this fact, and the impeccable international legal personality of Georgia and Russia as actual members of the UN, the author of the article qualifies the conflict as Georgian-Russian, which opens up a completely new approach to resolving the conflict by transferring it to an open equilateral international level.
Keywords: self-determination of the Ossetian people, Ossetia, the national question, Georgia, South Ossetia, North Ossetia, territorial integrity, Russia, the Georgian-Russian conflict.

Dzidzoev V.D. Land and interethnic relations in the North Caucasus in the XIX-early XX centuries
DOI 10.46698/q4444-3648-0483-s
Abstract. The article deals with the most complex problems of relations between the indigenous peoples of the North Caucasus in the pre-revolutionary period. The ethnopolitical contradictions between the Cossacks and the indigenous peoples, including the so-called nonresidents, which should be understood as Russians, Ukrainians and representatives of other Slavic peoples, are particularly highlighted. The main attention is paid to the flawed internal policy of the Russian Empire, which, as shown in the article, created great privileges for the Cossacks, giving them the best land plots, and the indigenous peoples, who were traditionally called highlanders in Soviet literature, were deprived of elementary land rights.
Keywords: Cossacks, indigenous peoples, Tersk region, North Caucasus, Russian Empire, Soviet State, Law on the rehabilitation of repressed peoples, St. Petersburg, interethnic relations, Vorontsov-Dashkov, Nicholas II, Eldarkhanov, State Duma , Chechnya, Ingushetia, Denikin.



Dokuchaev A.Y., Kulakov F.V., Krehahn G-R., Gurbanov A.G., Lobanov K.V., Kurdyukov E.B., Smolyaninova V.N., Polyakova M.V. Russian Polar expedition and geopolitical interests at the turn of the XIXth and XXth centuries. Part 2. E.V. Toll’s expeditions and their geopolitical significance
DOI 10.46698/j0597-8589-1160-o
Abstract. The Russian Polar Expedition (RPE) was important for Russian geopolitical interests: it had a broad social and academic resonance and was under the auspices of Grand Duke Konstantin Konstantinovich, the President of the Russian Imperial Academy of Sciences. The survived personnel of RPE and their followers managed to overcome the difficulties to preserve the geological collections gathered by E.V. Toll at the Taimyr Peninsula and New Siberian Islands. The scientific results of the expedition were of paramount importance and were continuously studied and processes until the lawsuit of «The Plot at the Academy of Sciences of the USSR» was launched in 1929–1931, after which the Academy of Sciences of the USSR was reorganized. Geological samples and some documents of the Russian Arctic and other expeditions with the participation of E.V. Toll are now housed at the Ore and Petrographic Museum at IGEM RAS and are available for further studies.
Keywords: Russian Polar Expedition, Sannikov Land, Bering Strait, Northern Sea Route, Eduard von Toll, E.V. Toll, Ore and Petrographic Museum at IGEM RAS



Sherhov A.Kh., Gergokova Z.J. Assessment of the extent of possible damage by mudflows to the Verkhne-Chegemskoye rural settlement (Chegem River basin, Central Caucasus)
DOI 10.46698/c7146-7348-6760-k
Abstract. The issues of ensuring the security of the territories of mountain settlements and infrastructure facilities, in the conditions of changes, as a result of climate warming, of the glacial situation in the upper reaches of mudflow rivers are considered. The results of the conducted research are presented, which show that mudflow risks and dangers in the current situation will not only remain relevant in the foreseeable future, but also, in all probability, will increase.
Keywords: mudflow, outflow cone, high-altitude zone

Bekkiev M.Yu., Dokukin M.D., Kalov R.Kh., Fedchenko L.M. Formation of debris flow cuts in the areas of lateral moraines of valley glaciers
DOI 10.46698/m6092-4144-2648-e
Abstract. Based on the analysis of multi-temporal satellite images, the facts of the formation of debris flow cuts in the areas of lateral moraines of valley glaciers have been revealed. The parameters of debris flow cuts on the lateral moraines of the glaciers in the Central Caucasus (Irik, Dzhankuat, Shaurtu, Dykh-Su, Karaugom) and the glacier in India have been provided.
Keywords: glacier, lateral moraine, debris flow cut, lake outburst

Gazeev V.M., Gurbanov A.G., Gerasimov V.Yu., Gurbanova O.A. Ornamental stones of the Northern Caucasus: (marble, decorative limestone)
DOI 10.46698/m9199-4010-5894-r
Abstract. Based Based on the study of geological reports and publications, the ornamental stones of the North Caucasus of sedimentary and metamorphogenic origin are characterized. A brief geological description of the most typical deposits of marble and decorative limestone is given. The age of formation and the color palette of stones of this type are considered. The territories and geological sections favorable for their search are determined.
Keywords: Ornamental stones, marble, decorative limestone.

Dzakoev Z.L. The project space of the region: concept, content
DOI 10.46698/b5584-3398-5038-w
Abstract. The article considers the approach to the project space. The review of the state of the problem in scientific sources is carried out, the concept of «project space» and its content are clarified, the prerequisites, goals and objectives of its research are determined, the content is disclosed.
Keywords: project space, project, management, effect

Galazova Z.V. Guarantees of men's rights in family law
DOI 10.46698/y2223-8849-5712-q
Abstract. This article examines the issues of gender equality in family legal relations and certain issues of legal regulation of the institution of fatherhood in the Russian Federation. The article analyzes constitutional norms, norms of family legislation, as well as international acts that demonstrate problems in mechanisms that ensure equal realization of rights for men and women in family matters.
Keywords: fatherhood, family legal relations, protection of rights, constitution

Grebenshchikov V.P., Grebenshchikova N.V., Kapitalchuk I.P. Engineering and geological zoning of the territory of the city of Bendery
DOI 10.46698/j8822-5194-7071-q
Abstract. Earthquakes are one of the main dangers on a global scale. The territory of the city of Bendery falls into a zone with a seismicity of 7 points, which determines the need for engineering and geological zoning of the city’s territory. This article presents the results of engineering and geological zoning of the city of Bendery, which served as the basis for seismic micro-zoning of its territory .The authors carried out the collection and processing of survey materials from previous years, route observations, generalization of information on the engineering and geological conditions of the territory, drawing up a map of engineering and geological zoning. Engineering-geological zoning was considered as one of the methods of systematization of knowledge about the engineering-geological conditions of the city territory, assessment of their homogeneity and complexity, namely: identification in a complex and multilateral geological environment, based on a set of theoretical provisions and methodological techniques, a system of territorial units (districts and subdistricts) that have any common engineering-geological features, their systematization, mapping and description. In the course of the study, the authors identified four engineering-geological areas of the territory of the city of Bendery. A brief description of the main features of engineering-geological areas and subdistricts is given. Conclusions are made about the favorable engineering and geological conditions of the territory of Bendery for ground construction.
Keywords: seismic zoning, district, subdistrict, soil properties, construction.



Kutateladze S.S. Thoughts about mathematics



Dzidzoev V.D. Contribution to scientific Caucasian studies (to the 70th anniversary of the Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor, President of the Academy of Sciences of the Chechen Republic Shakhrudin Aydievich Gapurov)
Abstract. The article examines the formation and scientific work of one of the authoritative and recognized scientists in the Caucasus, President of the Academy of Sciences of the Chechen Republic, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor Sh.A. Gapurov, who is a member of the editorial board of the journal «Vestnik of the Vladikavkaz Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences», Deputy Chairman of the Dissertation Council on Russian History at ChSU. The author also analyzes the approaches of a Caucasian scholar to the most complex problems of the Caucasian War, in particular, to the so-called «raid system of the mountaineers». Specific examples from various scientific discussions are given, in which the scientific concept of a famous scientist is at the center of attention.
Keywords: General Ermolov, deportation, autonomy, Chechen-Ingush ASSR, Institute of Oriental Studies, Caucasian war, Vinogradov, Bliev, «raiding system of highlanders».



Her outstanding success is based on her talent and hard work



Tsallagova Z.B. Review on: Maria Yasynya, the Grand Princess of Vladimir in Russian History: collective monograph



Our colleague and friend Kosta Georgievich Dzugaev turned 65 years old



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